Your Best Body Now, by Tosca Reno
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Your Best Body Now, by Tosca Reno

This is a diet and exercise book I can actually get a little excited about.  Why?  Author Tosca Reno started her quest towards health and fitness at 40!  Gives us all hope.

I love how she completely takes us through her journey from unhappy housewife and mother of three to amateur body builder at 42.  Here is an excerpt I found particularly inspiring:

“And I noticed that Eating Clean- eschewing sugars, fats, cheese, ice cream, soda, bread and so on in favor of lean protein and complex carbohydrates-made me feel and look younger.

My doctor noted my transformation in my blood work during my yearly physical- my blood chemistry was amazing.  I was lean.  My hair was thick and shiny.  My skin was taut and glowing, and it showed few fine lines.”

Sign me up (except for the no cheese or sugar or bread part)!

The book covers everything from diet, fitness plans, health and beauty advice.  It is also packed with real-life “before and after” stories with pictures (I love pictures).  Tosca provides recipes, shopping lists, and even space to journal.

Most diet books I don’t pay much heed to and honestly, don’t believe.  Tosca, on the other hand, is not selling any gimmicks, the nutrition is sound, and her voice is one I believe (and she’s super hot…and over fifty).  Check it out!

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