The Food Stylist’s Handbook Seminar Series: Seafood

Styling fish and shellfish poses multiple styling challenges. In this intensive 1-day seminar we’ll explore the tips, tricks and techniques for creating beautiful seafood dishes fit for the camera. This class is designed for culinary professionals but is valuable for anyone wanting to improve the look of their food for the media.

Here’s what we’ll cover in this information-packed day:

  • Bouillabaisse – we show you how to prep, cook, false-bottom, arrange and garnish this impressive classic seafood stew.
  • Paella – a spectacular example of food photographed in the pan it is cooked in. We demonstrate how to build everything so it looks perfect after cooking; and how to fluff and garnish before photographing.
  • Lobster – what to look for when buying, how to cook (and how keep that tail straight), how to remove the meat without destroying it, and how to plate and garnish this extravagant shellfish.
  • Oysters – they can look like horribly unappetizing unless you know how to shuck, style and garnish these popular delicacies.
  • Salmon – we take you through prepping, cooking for best color, retaining shape, and removing unsightly protein.
  • Shrimp – the most used type of shellfish, we make shrimp easier to handle with tips on getting the shape and color perfect for on camera.
  • Frito Misto – we show you how to make a beautiful plate of deep-fried calamari and vegetables, one where every ingredient is attractive and recognizable, and sauces and garnished are used to best effect.

Cost: $350

Date To Be Determined
Surfas Restaurant Supply, Culver City, California

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