Styling & Photo Techniques for 
Culinary Professionals, Food Writers & Bloggers

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8:30 a.m.      Arrival & check-in
Breakfast snacks provided

9:00 a.m.      Introduction by Denise
How this class came about
The elements of a great photo

10:00 a.m.     Cooking for the camera
Cooking in your own kitchen vs. a studio or temporary kitchen
Plating and garnishing food to show it at its best
Edible and inedible styling methods
Temperature, safety and sanitation
Holding and refreshing food

Food styling tips, tricks and techniques

10:30 a.m.    Drop-Kick Jell-O Mold: secrets of making

11:15 a.m.    Shrimp bisque: plating, designing and garnishing

11:45 a.m.    Yam and Potato Au Gratin: building and garnishing

12:15 p.m.    Lunch

1:00 p.m.    Brussels Sprouts: undercooking, plating and garnishing

1:30 p.m.    Spiral-Cut Ham: working with layers, refreshing, garnishing

2:15 p.m.    Candy Cane Cheesecake: working with frozen product, garnishing

2:45 p.m.    Un-molding Jell-O Mold – plating and garnishing

3:15 p.m.    Project brainstorm—discussion and selection 
(each student will have their own project to complete on Day 2)

4:00 p.m.    End


8:45 a.m.        Breakfast snacks

9:00 a.m.    Photographer speaks on how to improve your food photos
Starting with the basics: f-stops, shutter speed, ISO and other camera settings explained
Camera settings
White balance explained
Camera angle and selective focus
Using tripods
Composition  – building your shot around your camera
Natural light vs. studio light
The use of fill cards, reflectors and diffusers

12:00 p.m.        Students begin preparing projects with Cindie
*Students bring lunch with them on Sunday.

1:00 p.m.        First project shoot scheduled. Issues covered are:
Shooting with available light.
The use of fill cards and reflectors – supplementing available light
The use of props.

5:00 p.m.    End

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