Master Food Styling Class II
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Learn more professional food styling techniques: everything from breakfast, packaged food, and dessert.

Day 1 – Breakfast Food Techniques

  1. Pancakes: butter that melts, syrup that doesn’t get absorbed, syrup pours
  2. Bacon: making ruffles, adding cool, making it look hot
  3. Hash browns: getting that golden color, building and stabilizing
  4. Eggs, sunny side up: setting the whites without cooking the yolk, holding, patching holes
  5. Eggs, omelets: fillings, creating bulk, fixing tears, melting cheese, making steam
  6. Cereal in milk: false-bottoming bowls, the uses of cream and glue, cereal in a spoon

Day 2 – Dinner Food Techniques

  1. Steak, mashed potatoes, and green beans: how to plate and garnish
  2. Chicken breast, rice pilaf, and broccoli: hot to plate and garnish
  3. Soups: steam and false-bottoming, plating and garnishing
  4. Frozen desserts: Special equipment, preparing product for scooping, pre-scooping ice cream and sorbets, plating and garnishing

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