Master Food Styling Class I – Building a Portfolio
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Learn up-to-date food styling and photo techniques from professionals in the field.

Learn basic food styling techniques: from a perfect roasted chicken to fake ice cream.

Day 1 focuses on poultry and beef; shaping, trussing, making grill marks, browning and slicing, and fixing mistakes. Also studied are burgers and sandwiches; layering ingredients, slicing, and the use of condiments. Next, we teach you plating, saucing, building height and movement into pasta, and making it all look gorgeous. The stabilizing, coloring, and different application techniques of sauces are also covered.

Day 2 starts with desserts. We’ll be making fake ice cream, styling slices of layer cakes and pies, and the use of dessert condiments. Also covered are special effects used for styling beverages. We then move on to creating movement in salads, extending life of greens, and making any salad stunning through use of color, texture, and contrast. Next we look at cheese and how to create that perfect cheese pull. We’ll also address different ways of creating steam. There will be time during class for student questions. Every day features numerous instructor demonstrations and opportunities for students to get down and dirty and practice the techniques they are being taught.

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