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The Spain Gang
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The Spain Gang

Book Signing. How cute are Cindie's buns?

We had an incredible time in Tarragona, Spain and beyond!  We went to speak and hold workshops at the Food Photo Festival and were absolutely blown away by the level of passion and talent.  Truly inspiring and I must say, European food photography is very different from American, in a great way.

Adventuring with Britta and Sasa Asanovic.

We met old friends and made new friends, and we quickly bonded camp-style and became what I like to call “The Spain Gang.”  A motley crew indeed, including Silvia Baghi, Petra Schmidt, and Mans Jensen, and former students Britta and Sasa Asanovic.

Cindie's Sandwich Shop

Each morning, we were served a beautiful, abundant breakfast.  After having her fill, Cindie would make some type of sandwich to take with her on our daily adventures.  Eventually, she began making sandwiches for everyone.  Always helpful, that one.  And the sandwiches were delicious!  And free!

Beautiful Valencia train station.

After a few days at the festival, we explored other cities in Spain.  Of note was our train trip to Valencia.  We thought we had tickets on the express train (fast, serves food and drinks) and instead we had purchased tickets for the “milk train”, meaning we stopped every few minutes and there was no refreshment to be had (not even milk).  As you can see from my Spain photo album, we did not starve.

The most perfect tomato and mozzarella salad.

My princess bed.

I daresay Valencia, Spain just may be more stunning than Paris...

We can’t wait to go back!  Spain made me feel very spunky.  We’re hoping to teach some food styling classes there…

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