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21st Sep 2010 Posted in: On The Job, Video Comments Off on Food Styling For DJ Tanner (Candace Cameron Bure)!

We helped Candace Cameron Bure prepare for this segment.  Clearly, Tiffany’s a fan.  Aren’t they both adorable?

20th Sep 2010 Posted in: Books, On The Job, Recipe Comments Off on Holiday Chocolate

Photos Courtesy of Jon Edwards There’s nothing like styling holiday fudge in September to make you crave Christmas decor and truffles.  Not in that order. I love when we work on projects so far in advance of the actual holiday it’s stupid; then I go home and make turkey and stuffing.  Just call me Pavlov. […]

18th Sep 2010 Posted in: Food Fanatics Unwashed Comments Off on Happy Sails To You

I can’t remember what ship this picture was taken on, but it was the last Holland America cruise I sailed with in Asia. My sister Ann came with me.  We had a ball. It had been a good 40 years since we spent the night together. Not much had changed. She’s my beautiful and kind […]

17th Sep 2010 Posted in: On The Job, Video Comments Off on Loving The Imperial Suite…For 5 Hours

These videos document Cindie and Tiffany’s way too brief time at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco. It is a lovely hotel that was booked solid, so when they arrived at 8:00pm and the hotel didn’t have their room ready, a short panic ensued. Cindie and Tiffany were supposed to have two rooms but there […]

6th Sep 2010 Posted in: Books Comments Off on Love Letters Make It All Worth It

Just had to share…it reminds me to express gratitude when I feel it…and make someone’s day (or year). Dear Denise and Cindie, I can’t tell you how thankful I am that you wrote The Food Stylist’s Handbook. This is the text book of my dream job. I just got the book from Amazon today, and just started […]

27th Aug 2010 Posted in: On The Job Comments Off on Party On A Cupcake

Cindie and uber intern Tiffany made these coquettish cupcakes for an upcoming Duncan Hines satellite media tour. The details are hush hush, but we simply had to share these shots with you! Disco Cupcake Flaky Cupcake Girly Cupcake Polky Cupcake Fudgy Cupcake Flirty Fudgy Cupcake Budding Cupcake Pineapple Cloud Cupcake

20th Aug 2010 Posted in: On The Job Comments Off on Styling Pork Chops

I know when I go to Monrovia in August and it’s 102 degrees, the first thing I think is “pork chops”.  It’s only natural.  This was the pork chop corral.  We had to find two that looked pretty together for the shot.  It’s all about options, y’all. Tiffany was on fat burning detail.  We all […]

4th Aug 2010 Posted in: Recipe 1

Now I want pancakes… Jean Muir is a blueberry farmer in Oregon (how cool is that?), and a dear friend of Denise’s.  Click here to see her 2010 bounty.   The mighty blueberry picking machine A family farm, Phil and Jean Muir sell to a co-op that sells to various grocery stores, including Costco and […]

22nd Jul 2010 Posted in: Video 1

Denise, Cindie and Matt Armendariz discuss plating tips, both for the camera AND for our life. We eat with our eyes first, after all…

8th Jul 2010 Posted in: Recipe, Review Comments Off on Review: Eat & Beat Diabetes with Picture Perfect Weight Loss

 This book came our way awhile back and we were impressed.  This is not your average diabetic cookbook.  Authored by a doctor (Howard M. Shapiro) and a chef (Franklin Becker), this book both educates AND provides interesting and innovative recipes from renowned chefs, including Lidia Bastianich, Michel Nischan, and (Cindie’s VERY favorite) Eric Ripert. The […]

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