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Boo! Cake
26th Oct 2010 Posted in: Food Fanatics Unwashed, Helpful 2
Boo! Cake

Here’s an easy Halloween treat.  Start by baking (or buying) your favorite cake. Can be an Angel food cake or any two-layer cake.

We made a simple buttercream frosting and colored it with orange food gel from Surfas.  Professional cake decorators swear by the colored gel dyes in place of the grocery store sets (if you don’t know about Surfas…you have to go there).
The BOO Ghost is a pyramid of marshmallows that we glued together with more frosting.
Cindie made his face out of tootsie roll pieces. I love the way he looks.

BOOOOO to you! Happy Halloween.

We made a similar cake for a Food Network star, but it wasn’t nearly as scary as the morning we arrived at her house and we had to see her without her hair, make-up and push-up bra! What were those nasty things hanging down?!

Serve the cake with cold milk. Meow….

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  1. Sara Myron says:

    Now THAT was funny–

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